Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Extend the life of your rotary cutting blades!

As quilters we all know how beneficial the rotary cutter is to our craft. But if you have been quilting for a long time, then you know it can get quite costly to keep replacing those blades! Well I have a way to help you get twice the mileage out of your blades.

One of the most obvious ways to tell if you need a new blade is when you are cutting and you get little bits of fabric, sometimes as small as a thread or two that did not cut on the first pass with the rotary cutter. This is a sign that you may have a nick in your blade. In most cases it is time to change over to a new blade. But wait there is a solution to this problem........

All you need is a blade sharpener. This article explains pretty well why you need one and how to use it.

Check this page out to see some of the choices and places to buy a sharpener.

I must tell you I personally have one and love it! It really does extend the life of my blades. One last tip for you, once you have sharpened a blade, take a permanent marker and put a dot or X on it so you know the next time it skips or doesn't cut properly you may need to finally through it out. Sharpening can only go so far, eventually you will need to replace the blade.

I have a plastic container or small jar with a lid on it to put the old blades in. Just because they are too dull to cut fabric doesn't mean they won't cut skin! So use caution when replacing or sharpening your blades!


Anonymous said...

Need to check into one of those! Thanks!

Chris said...

soandsewcrafty, you are welcome, and by all means, do get one! You won't be sorry...this is one gadget that will definitely pay for it's self in no time.

Anonymous said...

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