Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Quilting Made the News!

I love when quilting gets the recognition it deserves.

Quilting is really becoming a big industry as this clip from CBS Morning show discusses. On the video bar, click "Quilts for Sale"
There is an interview with Ricky Tims. He is a talented male quilter and musician. His website is also worth taking a look at.

What type of quilter are you?

There are many styles of quilter. There are the traditional quilters and then there are those who stretch the limits and go off into uncharted territories with unique works of art.

    Do you prefer traditional patchwork and time honored appliqué like the quilters of the past?
    Or do you prefer to blaze your own trail? Creating your own patterns and designs to make unique works of art?

I would have to say I am a bit of both. Although I do prefer to do my own patterns and designs. And art quilts always attract and inspire me. I love to explore new techniques and break as many rules as possible.

What about you? Leave your comments here and let's see which type of quilters are reading this blog.

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