Friday, April 25, 2008

Help these dogs....PLEASE!

I received an e-mail today that left me wanting to help out. I love animals and have had many over the years. But when I saw this I just felt I need to post it on my blog.

If you were able to rescue a dog from certain death would you? If you know of any one who is looking for a new family pet, (dogs only no cats here sorry) then please go to this site Marion Grant Dogs and take a look at the pictures and descriptions of these dogs. If we can save even one of them it is worth it.

This shelter is in Indiana IL. and is going to close around June of 2008 and if these dogs do not find homes they will have to {{don't make me say it}}yes they will be KILLED!

Here is what was sent to me in the e-mail

The following messages were sent by the volunteers at the shelter.....


Hello everyone!

Well, here we go again...more dogs need our help! Please read the message
below and forward to EVERYONE you know. There is a home for each of these sweet dogs,but their time is limited only because the shelter in Marion, IN is going to be shut down.

Please click on the link Marion Grant Dogs - pictures by cindy and look at these sweet dogs! There are many different breeds, each dog needing a home, otherwise they will get euthanized the day the shelter doors close. There are no and's, if's, or's, but's or maybe' is going to happen!

Wouldn't it be amazing if those doors closed and there was not one single
soul left behind to die? We are their only hope in finding homes and not
living out the rest of their days on death row. This is no small feat, don't
get me wrong, and yet it is not an impossibility. Heck, you just might know
someone at work who has been looking for a dog...well, here you have it!

Please open the link or copy and paste this link Marion Grant Dogs - pictures by cindy into your browser, look at the pictures and forward this to everyone you know. It only takes one look into any one of these dogs eyes to know that they are special and deserving of a chance. Who knows, you might look back at this e-mail several years from now snuggled close to one of the sweet dogs on this list knowing that opening this e-mail saved your best friend's life!

Thank you for reading this message and for forwarding to others.

My name is Christie and I volunteer with Animal Education and Rescue in
Libertyville . We have a working relationship with a shelter in Marion IN
and the shelter manager there is a wonderful soul. They unfortunatley are
closing at the end of June (roughly) and any animal there on that day will be
euthanized. 2 other volunteers and myself went down to take pictures and
bios of their dogs. We told them we would try to help place as many as we could in rescue groups. We are reaching out to all of the area rescues asking if anyone can help. I chose to reach out to the bully breed rescues as I own a pit mix and am fostering a pit bull and I LOVE them both dearly. I have included a link to the pictures that Cindy Falstad took that day.

Marion Grant Dogs - pictures by cindy

If you can help please let me know by e-mail or phone 847-371-1147 or 847-404-8143. Transport will be provided.

Thanks in advance,

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