Thursday, April 24, 2008

I am the "featured blog of the day"

In the blog world we are all trying to get noticed right? Some of you may be writing for the sake of writing and don't really care if anyone else reads your blogs. But for the rest of the bloggers out there who want recognition for the work they are doing on their blogs getting noticed is very important.

Featured Blog of the Day, Me?

I just found out that my blog was posted as the "Featured Blog of The Day" on another blog known as MeMyselfAndJC I am very excited about this. As I am trying very hard to get the word out about my blog, and every time I see my blog featured on another blog.........well all I can say is THANK YOU! THANK YOU! And then I will write a post about your blog here as well, so that you can get some exposure for your site.

If you want to have me feature your blog here why not leave me a comment and tell me about your blog. Quilting related or not. If I feature you here, all I ask is you do the same, and post a link to my blog from your site. Let's get LET'S GET EXPOSED!

What is MeMyselfAndJC

This blog is dedicated to helping spread the word about your blog. That's right they are giving your free exposure. Here is how they do this. They feature 5 blogs a day, every day . It is simple, I know, but it can be effective. So there is an entire resource of information about other blogs on this one blog. Of course they have several interesting posts of their own, beyond just the featured blogs of the day. So why not have a look, who knows maybe you will be featured there one day too!

Why I blog

You see for me this blog serves two purposes. One is to help quilters find the resources they need to learn to quilt or to improve their quilting skills. So you will find many posts that have helpful tips, or links to other helpful websites. I share personal experiences and stories that I hope are informative and entertaining as well.

The second reason I blog is to advertise for my website Quilting Weekly. Quilting weekly is also dedicated to helping your learn quilting and improve your quilting skills. I am doing this through online classes, weekly discussions in our forum, monthly newsletters, and weekly quilting tips which are sent by e-mail. All of these are totally free (with the exception of the classes)We have a chat box on the site you can use to keep in touch with your quilting friends, and so much more. This site is more than a classroom website, it is a quilting community that spans the world.

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