Friday, July 31, 2009

Electric Quilt Software

Did you know that your Electric Quilt software is one of the best tools for creating and planning your quilts?

Need ideas for a quilt?

Want to see how much fabric to buy?

Do you need templates?

Have trouble with rotary cutting instructions?

Paper Piecing is easy when you can print your blocks right onto the foundation
Wonder if the colors look good together? Print out just the colors or use the fabric libraries. You can even scan in your own fabrics if you like. Still need more fabric? Download fabric libraries from their website.

Not sure how many blocks to make?

How about drawing or designing your own blocks?

What about borders?

Want to test out quilting designs?

Electric Quilt can answer these questions and so many more. Take a look at their software you won't be disappointed. (you may however never make a quilt as you could spend hours having fun with this design software)

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