Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Organic Baby Quilt ideas

Giving a baby quilt is rewarding and satisfying in it's self. But if you can make it organic, then you will feel even better as you know it will be good for the baby, the mother and our planet. This article will give you some tips on getting started.

Organic Baby Quilt

You can quickly make an organic baby quilt for the newest member of the human race. When you are invited to a baby shower or you are having a baby you know that one of the best present that you can give a baby is a quilt. The quilt will not only be used when the baby is small, but can be used as a keepsake when the baby grown and have babies of their own.

You can make a quilt easy. To make it organic you will want to make it using organic material. There are many variations of organic material available that you can create a unique baby quilt that is truly one of a kind.

To make a baby quilt you will want to cut out blocks of materials this will become the top part of the quilt. Depending on how large you will want the quilt is how many blocks you will cut out. You can make the blocks out of different patterns that you can then mix and match on the top of the quilt. Once you get the blocks cut out you will lay them out to see how you want to position them. Then sew them together. You have now completed the top of the quilt.

Once you have the top of the quilt designed you will need to cut a piece of fabric for the bottom of the quilt. Make this about the same size as the top blocks.

To assemble the quilt you will put the top of the quilt then batting and then the bottom. Sew these together you won't have to worry about the raw edges because you will be adding something to that. Once it's sewed, you will want to take binding tape which come in many different colors and wrap that completely around the quilt so that it gives a finished even look on both sides of the quilt.

It doesn't take long to make the quilt and it will be a treasured item for the baby and the family of the baby.

Just because you want to purchase all organic baby supplies you won't have to break your budget. It doesn't have to be expensive to buy organic baby toys and diapers. If you want to be a natural shopper and shop organic you can do it easily as more and more items are now being produced organically.

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Need a fun idea for the quilt top?

Check out this Mother Goose Pattern found at Quilting Weekly

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