Thursday, September 24, 2009

Blogging Burnout

Bogging burnout, it can happen! And it finally did for me.  As you can see I just haven't written anything for some time now.  Not because I don't enjoy sharing my quilting knowledge, great links and video finds with you, but simply because it was getting to be too much for me.

You see I have two blogs, a website and I belong to many online groups were I also do classes.  In addition to all this computer stuff I was trying to fit in sewing/quilting time and manage my personal life.  (Yeah I know stop complaining and get back to work right?) This is not uncommon as I know there are many of you who are doing the same right now.

Since my daughter moved back home (with financial troubles that I needed to help her sort out), my sister in-law and my sisters health issues I was getting overwhelmed and just had to cut something out.  That turned out to be blogging!

I am not trying to complain here as we all have things we deal with daily in our lives and find ways to manage.  I am merely trying to let you know that I will be back on track soon and wanted to apologize to all of my loyal readers for not giving you something new to read.

Blogging takes effort this is true, but if you are passionate about it, then it should come easy as long as you are not trying to over due it.  So instead of trying to post daily, try every other day, or maybe once or twice a week.  What ever schedule you set, try to stick with it. 

Here are couple of  insightful articles on Blogging Burnout.  If you suffer from this condition then you might benefit from reading these.  There are great tips on how to avoid the burnout factor and stay on track with your blogging.   

7 Ways to avoid blogging burnout

Preventing Blog Burnout from ProBlogger

For me personally, I need to take a slower pace.  So now I hope you can understand why it has been days since my last post and will be continuing to check back for my latest updates.  If you have any suggestions or thoughts about Blogging Burnout that you would like to share, please do so in my comments.

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