Sunday, October 25, 2009

To Wash or Not to Wash your Fabric

To wash or not to wash fabric this is a debate with no end in sight!  Get a group of quilters into a room and ask this question...........they will all have an opinion and a reason for why you should or shouldn't wash your fabrics.

There are many reasons to wash, in fact some very valid why do so many not follow this advice? Do they like to live on the edge or do they enjoy risk?  I am not sure and therefore want to explore it one more time during our weekly discussion.

In addition to this question, I want to discuss the differences in fabric from quilt shops vs discount fabric stores.  Some of us will only buy the quilt shop fabrics, while others only buy from the discount there a difference in the quality or just the price?  What do you purchase most often and why?

This discussion is sure to get interesting and may even turn into a heated debate, either way we are sure to have fun and learn a few things along the way.  Won't you join me? 

I would love to see some quilt shop owners join in the discussion so you can educate us on the benefits of your lovely fabrics.  

The first discussion is scheduled for Monday Oct 26th at 8pm central time and will continue each night through Friday.  (in 5 different time zones) If you are not familiar with our days and times I highly recommend you visit Quilting Weekly's forum to get the details. 

See you Monday!
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