Friday, February 19, 2010

Machine Quilting tips with Leah Day

Ladies and gentlemen, I know that if you have been quilting and on the internet for any length of time you have heard about Leah Day and her fabulous video series.  I can not get enough of her. She explains things in such and easy to understand way.  As a teacher myself I enjoy watching these to help improve my skills in both my own quilting and creating of my videos that I use on my website. I wonder if she will ever do a series on how to create your own videos? 

Not likely, so in the meantime watch these 3 short videos, as they are fabulous! Pay close attention to her set up of the tables. Proper set up is critical and sometimes overlooked by many quilters. Supporting your large quilts will help eliminate the drag when you're quilting.


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Sequana said...

I had seen Leah before, but seeing it again reminded me about trying to use a corner in the sewing area to cut down the drag.

In just a week or so, I'm getting some help with rearranging things here. I don't have ONE corner that will work for this, but I'm gonna make my own. *S*

It involves bringing in a bookshelf and setting it at an angle to the wall; then using my ironing board behind my machine table to make even more space.

I'm thinking this just might work.

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