Monday, March 22, 2010

Chat with Debbie Babin tonight only!

Just a quick reminder from Quilting Weekly

Our regular chat is scheduled for tonight Monday March 22, 2010 8pm Central Time ......... and we have a surprise guest who will be with us during the chat. This is the first time we are doing this, so I hope it goes well!

Debbie Babin is a fiber artist and teacher with a wealth of knowledge to share on the subject of fiber arts. If you have ever been the least bit curious about how this new art form ties into quilting today, you don't want to miss out on our chat.

Have a question about fiber arts? post them here in the comments if you can not make the chat. I will do  my best to get Debbie to answer them for you.

I am so excited to hear what she has to say about fiber arts which has been something of interest to me for quite some time now. Most of my work has been traditional quilting, and I have only made a few pieces that might fall into the fiber arts category..........but they are pretty elementary compared to her work. Just check out  her website and her classes and you will see what I mean.

To join the chat, (yes you can join as a guest and not a member) visit Quilting Weekly's Website, then in  the menu bar look for the goodies tab, at the bottom of that tab you will see "chat room" click that and a window opens for our chat. Simply click guest, and type in your first name and you are all set to join us. Keep in mind if the room gets too full you will have to hold your comments till the end to allow Debbie to share as much as she needs to.  Which is why I suggest you send me your comments in advance by email. (check my profile on this blog for address). or post them here in the comments section.

See you tonight (3/22/10 8pm central time at

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