Monday, March 1, 2010

Mystery Quilt Project

We have a truly unique quilt project in store for all the "Nancy Drew" or "Sherlock Holmes" fans on Quilting Weekly.

Note: I am posting this before the actual email notice was sent. Don't tell Michelle on me, but you can be the first to register if you hurry! Once that email goes out, it might be hard to get in as our server may get overloaded. If that happens don't panic, just try again later. 

All you need is payment, you don't even have to register for the site right now. But you should if you want to find out about the other cool new programs releasing later in the month. Like the brand new BOM program, (that's block of the  month for those who are new to quilting) and our Mystery BOM which promises even more surprises. (oops let out 2 more secrets) I just have a hard time keeping my mouth shut. 

Just check out Caron Carlon's description:
"The Mystery of the Five and Dime - Love a good mystery? Especially when the "who dunnit" is YOU!  In this confident beginner lesson, we will learn to pick fabrics with contrast so you can shop with confidence.  I can not tell you all the wonderful things you will learn while making this cozy quilt in either lap or queen size, but I promise the end result will delight! And I promise a twist or too in the plot."
Because this is a mystery, you will be sent clues every 2 weeks to help you solve this mystery quilt, but you won't get to see the finished quilt (even if you click this link, until the very end of the project! No matter how much your bride me with fabric.

So if you like the element of surprise, then get your spy glasses ready, and go register for the "Mystery of the Five and Dime".  

You might need a little help finding our Mystery Sales page, so I will give you your first clue: Head on over to Quilting Weekly's home page and look next to the right of the scrolling pictures! or just click this link.

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