Sunday, March 28, 2010

Sewing Sunday Progress 3/21/10

I guess I am late with this post. As it is time to write the post for Sunday, 3/28/10.

Sewing Sunday Progress for the week of 3/21/10 those keeping up with me was all about finishing off the Fibanocci Quilt blocks.

I started with 4 sets of 4 fat quarters. From each of these sets I made 9 blocks which contained 12 pieces in each block (See first photo for actual block). I then sewed each of the 4 sets of 9 blocks into 4 nine patch larger blocks.Which as you can see were all a little different due to the colors of fabrics, or placement of the fabrics used.

That is where I got stuck. I didn't know if I should just join the 4 larger nine patch blocks and the add a border and be done. OR should I separate them with sashing first.

The blocks are similar, but yet different using reds, pinks, greens and touch of blue. It has a very organized scrappy look to it. Which for me is hard. I can't just sew randomly and make scrap quilts usually. I spend too much time with the layouts.

I need graphic appeal to my quilts, and can not stand just sewing together scraps in random order. Do you have this same problem? How do you over come that?

Anyway, I need to take a few photos to show you were I am now and maybe you can help me decide what to do next.

Hopefully I will post the photos tomorrow as I am a bit tired tonight. (Went out Friday and Saturday to listen to a couple of local bands and didn't get home until 1:30 am Friday, and 2:30 am Saturday)

Updated with photos, 3/29/10 (As you can obviously see!)

The funny part is all 3 of my kids were home before me, so I had to park on the street as there isn't room on the driveway! We have 5 cars to fit there, so the last one in gets the street, and this weekend it was me both times. They all thought that was pretty funny and strange. (Mind you my kids are 25, 21, and 18)So you know they are out late on the weekends too now. So for me to be out later than them, was strange.

 Now I need your help to figure out what to do next. Sew them together as is and add a border? or separate the four sections with sashing? And if I use sashing how large should it be? If my blocks are 8 inch, the the only Fibanocci numbers I can use are 1, 2, 3, or 5 or so that is how I think I understand this numbering sequencing thing.

Here is a picture of the fabric I bought for either borders or sashing. Since the only fabric that was consistent through out each block, was the pink floral one, I decided to find something with that background pink color.  not sure this picture shows a true idea of the actual color, but you get the idea. (And no I don't have any more of the pink floral print or I would have used that) Remember I took fat quarters from my stash, which were purchased years ago. 

I would love your opinions and comments now on how it looks so far, and what you think I should do next. 

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