Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Update on the baby quilt

I just wanted to update you on my baby quilt progress and show you a few more photos of how this "Sticky Template" quilting idea went.

The follow photos show the sticky template as I used it on the quilt. The first photo is just the cat, the second photo shows it after I stitched it, and the others are my meandoring around the shapes.

I am not sure I like how the meandor looks near the paw prints and they seem to get lost. I wish now that I had only done the cats. Or used a grid in the background of the paw prints. I might have been better offer by stitching an outline for each block area (where I folded the fabric) and then I could have done meandor for the cats, and grids for the paws.

More photos to come next week as I finish this small baby quilt off. The quilting is going pretty fast now, so I expect to be done in a day or so. Then I can get back to the Fibanocci project.

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