Friday, April 23, 2010

Quilting Help is just a blog away!

When you need help with quilting, it can be as quick as a click of the mouse. There are wonderful blogs today on quilting, and quilters love to share there tips and ideas with other quilters.

I ran across one of those wonderful quilting blogs today that not only had lot's for helpful articles on the basics of quilting, but it also has lot's of free patterns too! Now as a quilt teacher my goal is to teach you quilting.......but why reinvent the wheel right? I mean if there is good information available already, then there is no need to recreate it on my blog.

Instead I will just point you to a fabulous link today that I know you will come back to thank me for. (leaving me comments let's me know you like what I do so I do it again).

Take a look at "Oh, Fransson!" a fabulous blog, loaded with great quilting information, tips and patterns. And don't forget to visit her Shop while you are visiting, she has some lovely patterns for sale. 

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