Thursday, December 27, 2007

Landscape quilting resources

Here is the book that got me started. The quilts and techniques in this book are amazing. You should have a real hard look at them. Landscape Quilts Another great book by Nancy Zieman and Natalie Sewell is "The Art of Landscape Quilting.

Take a look at the works by this artist. Scroll through her galleries, there are some real amazing works of art here. Especially in the "real places" section. Doughty Designs, fabric Art and landscape quilts.

Let's see I know I have more links to share. The best part about doing landscape quilts is there is no pattern to follow, no seam allowances to worry over how accurate they are. If the fabric is not right, then paint it, with fabric paints, markers or thread. Some times the back of the fabric is more important than the front. So go look through your fabric stash, and see what treasures you have.

Now back to some more links. Natalie Sewell co author of Landscape Quilts. This next site, "Quilted Views" has some really nice pictures of her work as well, and I especially like that she included her "inspiration picture" and tells a bit about the quilt. And yet one more quilt artist that has a nice assortment of landscape quilts to look at. Carol Anne Grotrian

Now if these sites did not wet your appetite like it did for me, then you are not ready for landscape quilting. :)

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