Friday, December 28, 2007

New classes & New Teachers

With the new year fast approaching, I want let everyone know that we are creating an entire new list of classes over on Quilting Weekly. Along with the new classes that are in the works, I am on the hunt for new teachers. Yes that means there will be more material and different quilting styles to choose from.

I love creating classes and I will continue to do so. But although I feel very confident in My ability to teach quilting, I can not possibly be an expert in all areas of quilting. (I would like to try and learn as many as possible) But in the mean time I think the addition of new teachers will bring a refreshing change to the site. I do hope that if you have not registered for this site yet you should at least do that and bookmark it for reference. The site again is (quilting weekly) By the way there is no cost to register, and you can still check out the forum and other parts of the site without spending any money I promise ! If you like a class then you can register for it with confidence as we have a money back guarantee on all our classes.

Well as soon as I have more information on who these teachers are, and what types of classes we will be adding I will post it here. So please bookmark my blog, for all the latest updates.

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