Sunday, January 6, 2008

Design Choices or Mistakes?

Design choices or mistakes, how do you see it?

I say in quilt making there are no mistakes, only design choices to be made. (These are some very powerful words to live by in your quilt making). And something I learned many years ago in a quilt class I took. I used to point out all the mistakes I made in my quilts, before the viewer even had a chance to admire the quilt. You may ask why would I do that? The answer is simple, I though that the mistakes were the only thing anyone would see, and I felt I needed to justify why I continued making the quilt even though there were such obvious mistakes being made. You see, as the quilt maker, all I saw were the problems I had in making the quilt, whether it was a seam that didn't match, or a point that got cut off, or wobbly quilting lines. But to my surprise most of the viewers only saw a beautiful quilt and were amazed and impressed with the workmanship in the quilt.

Quilt making is a process, and a journey so enjoy the ride. As long as you continue to make quilts, you will improve your skills, and continue to learn and grow along the way. This I can gaurantee! So the next time you feel the need to point out a mistake, think about what you improved on or what new skill you learned. Try to talk about that instead of the mistakes that might have been made. (You will feel much better about your quilts, and your viewers would never dare point out any mistakes I can assure you of that!)

Go ahead, look past the mistakes and see what you've learned and accomplished on your previous quilts!

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