Saturday, January 19, 2008

A great quilting site, with loads of links!!

As quilters, we are always looking for help. (well most of us anyway) And the web is such a resource of information that is right at our finger tips. Knowing where to look is the hardest part.

This website, that I stumbled upon, while looking for another one is just an example of what great resources there are. If you need a few good places to look for help with your quilting, then this site should get you off to a good start. It is a easy site to navigate around and is full of great links to other helpful quilting sites and resources. Just look here and see for yourself!

Here is another one that is sure to be helpful to new and seasoned quilters alike! Check out this site too!

When you are finished there come back and tell me what was your favorite link! Share your thoughts on this by commenting on my blog. (go ahead it won't hurt a bit I promise) In fact if you like the help I am giving you here you can even subscribe to my blog by using the easy feed buttons located on the right side bar. I love to meet new people!

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