Monday, January 21, 2008

Learn crazy quilting from the best.

Crazy quilts have been around for years. Traditionally they are made from luxurious fabrics and decorated with elaborate hands embroidery stitches. Today however we have wonderful embroidery machines to do the work for us. And with our busy lives, that is a good thing.

Crazy quilts are also very popular, because anyone can make one. Sewing random pieces of fabric together does not take a lot of precise cutting or measuring. That is one of the reasons for their popularity. The other may be because we have all these stitches in our machines, why not show them off!

If you are interested in making a crazy quilt why not learn from an expert on the subject. Well I found such an expert for you. Take a look at Carole Samples book on crazy quilting which is described here in this blog post.

After reading that blog post, it just may make you go off and purchase this book. That is if you want to learn how to make a crazy quilt the right way!

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