Wednesday, January 2, 2008

When did "Rag Quilting" start?

Rag quilting seems to turn up everywhere. I see patterns in all the quilt magazines, in fabric stores, and quilt shops. There are even entire books dedicated to this style of quilting. You hear about rag quilts being made by quilters of all ages. From beginners to more advanced quilters. From kids to adults. So of course I had to try this out for myself. I am in the process of making a rag quilt as I type this article. (well not actually, as I can not type and sew at the same time)

For those of you who may not have discovered rag quilting yet let me explain what it is. Better yet I will show you a few websites who have graciously taken the time to show you how to make one if you like.

Rag Quilts

Kids can make a rag quilt!

Free Rag Quilt Patterns

Of course there are hundreds more, but this will give you an idea of how they look, and it just might start you off on a new adventure in quilting.

I like rag quilts because when the last square is joined to the last row, your quilt is done. (except for the clipping and washing part) There is no quilt sandwich to be made or any basting or tops stitching to be done! It is this simple construction method that makes it so popular. There are no fancy points or intersections to match, and if you seams are off a bit, with all the fringe who will notice.

The history behind rag quilting has intrigued me. And so I want to know when it started or who made the first rag quilt. I find the history behind the pattern to be just as interesting as the pattern itself. I have searched the internet over the past few days and have not found the answers yet, but I did find some interesting websites along the way. Here are a few of the sites I discovered. You might find some interesting reads here as well.

* American Quilt History

* Americas Quilting History

* Needlework and Quilt History

While I found some very interesting facts here at these sites, I still have not uncovered the mystery of who made the first rag quilt, or where this style of quilting got it's start. So I guess my quest for this knowledge will have to continue. Who knows, I may find it some day, and if I do you can be sure I will update this article for you!

In the mean time:

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