Sunday, December 30, 2007

New Quilting Class Starting Soon!

January is almost here, and I can not wait to get back to my regular class schedule. For those of you who are new here, you may be wondering what I am talking about. I am the teacher over at Quilting Weekly the online classroom website. And I have been off for about 2 months. (no new classes or scheduled chats.

I do miss my regular chat schedules, postings, and even my meetings with Michelle and Simon. (who are my partners on the site) We have not had a meeting in a while either. I like routine. Not that I am not enjoying this time off, as I am. But I am also ready to get back to work. I have a lot of new ideas to bring to our classroom and can not wait to share them. So watch for updates here, and at quilting weekly.

I am in the process of creating our next class. As soon as I am able to release the information, I will post it here and over there. I know Michelle will also be sending out an e-mail to let you know all about the details. So if you have not registered yet please do so at quilting weekly. it is free to register, and then you won't miss out on any important news! You can also bookmark this site or subscribe to my feed and keep up to date that way.

The class I am working on promises to be one that everyone can do, and may even help you use up some of your scraps. The scraps will need to be red, or pink for this project, so if you have a lot of them like I did then this will be a good place to use them. The one thing I will share is you may want to collect some old denim jeans to recycle. As I am using denim for the project as well. ( I happen to have been collecting old jeans from the family for a few years, and now I will finally get to use them!) Yard sales, and resale shops are great places for good deals on used jeans. (By the way the class title is ..............oh you thought I was going to tell you) Not just yet. Give me a few more days and then I can release the info.

If you have not taken any classes with us yet, head over to the site, and see if any of last years classes are of any interest. Our classes are never too full, or ever cancel, so you can register with confidence. And we guarantee all our classes. Nothing to worry about! The door to the classroom is always open. And if you have any questions you can always reach me by e-mail

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