Friday, February 15, 2008

Quilters tip of the week!

Starting this week, I am sending a tip of the week to all my students at Quilting Weekly, by e-mail. I hope they will enjoy them.

I know many of my readers are not members of my online classrooms site, (which is ok)So to keep you all up to date I will post the tips here as well. Not sure how I will organize them on the site. Still need to figure that out. But in the mean time as I send the tips to them, I will post one here too!

So the first tip is one that is very important for all quilters to remember.

The proper way to press your quilt blocks

Take the block and lay it wrong side up on your pressing surface, then set the iron on the block. If you need to move the iron to cover the rest of the block, then lift a set it down again.

Do not slide the iron side to side like when pressing a shirt. If you slide the iron you can run the risk of stretching the block.

Check back Next week to see the next tip!

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