Wednesday, February 6, 2008

What was I thinking with this quilt?

Do the words "what was I thinking?" ever come out of your mouth, when you look back at some previous quilts you made?

Well they just did for me. Take a look at this quilt top I took out of my UFO pile. The top was not bad, but I started adding some applique, and beading to it......and maybe went too far. What do you think?

As I said the background was not bad, and even some of the embellishments were ok, but I should have put it down at some point before it got out of control. {{grin}}

What's the problem you say? Well let me give you a better look at some of the crazy ideas I had on this quilt.

Ok, here are some fun applique's with letter beads on them. One says "Quilt" Duh like you don't know that already! The other says "Sew" ok, yes there is some sewing needed to make a quilt. But what is that above a spider? a flower? not sure but it was fun to add anyway.

How about a surprise......or is it surprize? guess my beading doesn't have a spell checker in it! LOL

Here is a star explosion or something. Not really sure what I was thinking on this section of the embellishments.

Here is another corner of the quilt top. Again, not sure if these are flowers or what. The one on the top, reminds me of that little one eye monster on that movie "Monsters Inc."

Now this really says how I feel about it gives me such JOY! But looks like this is a spaceship heading off into cyberquiltspace.....up up and away!

Anyway hope you enjoyed laughing with me on this project. It had some potential at one time, but I am not sure how or if I can quilt it now that there is so much on the top. In the future I think quilt first and bead later. I know if I attempt to quilt this it will be a challenge to go around all the beads now. HELP! Any ideas or comments on this would be great.

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