Monday, March 31, 2008

A fun Scrap Quilt - Take a look

Do you like scrap quilts? Would you like to learn how to take all those leftover bits of fabric and turn them into a fun and easy quilt?

I have a great project for you. I just released my latest class titled "Happy & Scrappy" and the best part is it is at a new "Budget Friendly" price of only $21.50! That is a savings of over $15.00 off of our regular priced classes. You get access to the materials and the private forum for a full 60 days! That's about .36 cents a can't even get a cup of coffee for that.

The best part is you take this class at a time that is best for you since this is an online class! You are free to skip ahead in class or take as much time as you need. "But what if I have questions?" you might ask. Simple we have a private forum for you post questions where the teacher will answer them daily. You will learn from the other students questions as well since anyone in class can post questions or comments on the class. If you have something you want ask privately, then your teacher is just an e-mail away. So you are never alone!

Want to know more? Quilting Weekly is not only a classroom, but it is a growing community of quilters. Who are not only hear to learn, but they are here to share what they know with others from around the world.

What else does you site offer?
  1. As a member you can participate in our weekly discussions found in the general forum. This is free to members.

  2. You can receive our monthly newsletter. The newsletters will keep you up to date with new classes, or changes we are making to the site. There will be helpful articles or links to websites to help save you time in finding additional help for all your quilting needs. This is free to members.

  3. You can receive our "hot tip of the week" sent by e-mail. These tips will not only save you time, but they will expand you quilting knowledge as well. This is free to members.

  4. You can join in conversations in our chat box. The quick chat box is a way for you to stay connected to the other members on the site. Many friendships have been formed in this chat box that go beyond quilting. You can always find support and encouragement here. This is free to members.

There are many other parts to the site for you to explore so why not take a look? By the way membership is also free!


Phyl said...

Ok...this is the quilt that makes ME smile. I posted about it here:


Chris said...

You made me smile today! =D

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