Saturday, March 29, 2008

A tip on Scissors

Here is another one of my hot quilting tips for you!

This week’s tip is a simple one, but one that new quilters (and some of the veterans as well) should remember to do.

Scissors are a tool we can not be without

Your scissors are one the most important tool and one you can not afford to be without. So why do we have dull scissors in our sewing rooms? I know you may have one or two pair that is in fairly good condition but do you ever get them sharpened? And what can cause them to get so dull in the first place?

Let me address the question of how they get dull in the first place. Just like a good knife if we use it improperly it can ruin the edge. The same thing applies to scissors. The one thing that will dull your scissors quickly is cutting paper or plastic! If you need to cut paper patterns or plastic templates then what? You might be asking. The answer is simple; you need to have a pair of scissors for each task in your sewing room. Then label them for their intended purpose. Label 1 for paper, 1 for plastic and 1 for fabric. (Make sure if there are any scissor stealer's in the house that they know not to use the fabric scissors on anything but fabric!)

If you are buying scissors for the paper or plastic cutting buy the cheaper ones and replace as needed. Save your money and buy a good pair for your fabric. Fiskars makes some nice ones with spring loaded and cushioned handles. Ginger makes some of the best (also pricier scissors) on the market. They are well worth the money.

I am sure there are other brands available and I am not endorsing one brand over the other, these are just my opinions based on personal experiences. If you plan to buy scissors ask questions at your local fabric/quilt shops and see what they recommend.

As for keeping them sharp…………….well nothing lasts for ever so take them to a knife sharpener and get them sharpened. Many of the fabric shops have regular days when someone will be in to do sharpening so ask at your favorite shop. When should you get them sharpened? Your sewing machine needs a regular cleaning at least once a year right? Why not get your scissors sharpened around the same time? You can’t sew while your machine is being cleaned, so you won’t miss your scissors either!

Just remember your sewing is only as good as the tools you use! Buy the best you can afford, and keep them in top working order. Your sewing experiences will be much more enjoyable if you do.

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