Thursday, April 17, 2008

Picking the right quilting thread

Choosing a thread color for your quilting stitches is as important as the fabrics you use.

If you are new to machine quilting, try a thread color that blends or matches your fabrics well. When you match the thread color to the fabric your stitches won’t show as much. For a simple all over design try meandering. Meandering is just a larger version of stippling. Think of it like large puzzle pieces.

If you really want to show off the quilting stitches than use a thread in a color that is contrasting to the fabric color. This may be especially important when using decorative threads as a strong design element.

If you are not sure what colors will look best, do a sample quilt using the same fabrics as in your quilt. Sample pieces are a good way to make sure not only the thread is right but also your tension and stitches are right. This is especially important when trying out a new quilting design.

For more helpful advice check out the quilting FAQ’s on the site. If you have not been to the site in a while you may be missing out on our weekly discussions. So head over to Quilting Weekly and get caught up on all the latest quilting advice.

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