Tuesday, May 13, 2008

I won free fabric and "love" tag

Wow I am so excited! I won some lovely hand dyed fabric squares and a handmade metal tag that says "love". All I had to do was comment on this blog, and tell her what I will do with them if I win. Simple idea, and there were about 136 other people who wanted to win this too. But I was picked. Yippee!

The blog that I am talking about is Tangled Thread "tags & Tie-Dyes" take a look at what I am getting. Some lovely yummy fabric oh I can not wait to see it, touch it, and admire it before I put it into an art quilt to hang on my wall.

I know she has done other contests as well so check her site again who knows maybe you can win too!

Here are her other sites:
  1. Accessories and fashion blog
  2. Gallery site
  3. Bridal Blog
  4. Her personal blog
  5. And her etsy shop

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