Saturday, May 17, 2008

How can I use up batting scaps?

This week I though we could look at some creative ways to use up your batting scraps.

Did you know that you can join smaller pieces together to create larger ones? Just like with fabric this works best if you are joining the same type of batting. For example you would not want to join high loft polyester with low loft polyester. Even though they are the same fiber, one is much thicker than the other and therefore not a good choice. Another bad choice would be to mix fibers, like polyester batting with a natural cotton batting. Again the mixture of fibers would not work. Some batting stretches more in one direction than the other, so make sure that both pieces are going the same way. This is really important for wall hangings.

To join your pieces you simply butt the edges together, do not overlap them. And then you can sew them by hand or machine. The best stitches are a “Whip Stitch” or a “Zigzag Stitch”.

Here is are some websites that might help you with that.
E-How explains one way to connect batting scraps.

And Sew Inspired shows you another method.

Both of these methods will work fine. Take a look at the instructions and determine which one will work best for you.

Another good use for smaller scraps, especially the cotton batting scraps are good for dusting. If the size is right, you can attach them to your “swifter” and dust your floors with them. You can even wash and reuse them if you like! I just throw them away; after all I will always have small leftover scraps.

If you are doing trapunto work, why not use some of the small leftovers to add the extra fluff you need without having to cut up new larger pieces of batting.

What about making postcards? Or quilted bookmarks? If you make pillows, and want to quilt them you can use these smaller pieces as well. And finally how about making some pot holders? Or how about making a doll blanket? Make a few practice quilt sandwiches for machine quilting is way to use them.

There are many other little projects you can make quickly and easily with small batting scraps. So don’t throw them away, create something with them.

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