Monday, June 2, 2008

Check out our latest quilting class

Quilting Weekly has a new teacher and a new class this week.

The new class teaches a technique that will give your quilts a 3-D look. This is called trapunto. If you are not familiar with tapunto and the great effects it can have on ordinary quilts, then you need to check out this great class. The best part is it is only $37.50 for a full 2 months subscription. That's only $1.60 a day, come on you spend more on coffee each morning don't you?

Take a look at Trapunto'd Box of Chocolates, and while your there, join us for our weekly discussions in the general discussion forum. (they are free and so is site registration)

Ok, enough of a sales pitch for my business. Now onto something fun which will be in my next post. I would like to think I will get it done tonight, but more likely it will be tomorrow.

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