Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Have you seen U-Stream yet?

Have you seen the latest at U-Stream? This is the coolest thing out there. You can now broadcast you very own live television shows or whatever you want. A web cam and a computer and your off and running. The site is totally free!

Many people who have radio shows can now add another element of interaction to their already live shows. But for the rest of us we can use this to interact with anyone we like. You can pick your topic and broadcast time and go live in minutes.

Now for me, this can be another way to reach my quilting audiences. I set up my account and tested things out with a recorded video clip. It introduces me and my website for now. But I plan to do mini classes or lesson here for anyone who wants to learn. The best part is it is live, and you (the viewer) can interact with me by way of a chat box during my broadcast. So you can ask questions and I can answer them right there. Way cool huh?

My show will be titled Quilting Weekly Live, (of course since my website is Quilting Weekly, what else would I use) Here is a link to the introduction I recorded. Leave me a comment and let me know what you think. (Please be kind this is my first attempt)

I would be curious to know if I ran weekly broadcasts, what day and time would be best, and what topics would be of interest. If you have any suggestions on that let me know by leaving a comment here on my blog. If I use your suggestions I will send you a free fat quarter of lovely fabric from my personal stash. All it takes is a usable comment here and you get free fabric. As quilters we all love free fabric!

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