Tuesday, July 8, 2008

FREE fabric for comments!!

Do you have quilts laying around that you would like to sell? What about all the extra fabric, and quilting tools that you thought you needed but really don't use? Books and patterns that never get opened, or you bought because you thought it looked interesting, only to find you don't have the time to make them. Need a little extra cash to spend for your next trip to a quilt show or quilt retreat?

Well these are questions I ask myself all the time, and I have seen posts on forums and bulletin boards about this many times over. So I have an idea for a way for you to unload some of the stuff you don't need and to make room for what you do need......Money!

I would like your opinions on this idea before I implement it. And to encourage your comments on this, I will send you a free gift. I am cutting up some of my favorite fabrics into 6.5 inch squares. I will send you some of my personal stash for leaving me a comment here. That's right free fabric for a comment! My idea would be to set up a virtual "Quilters Garage Sale" I know cool huh? If you had a place to list all your stuff at a price you think is fair, and knew that quilters are the only ones looking at the site, would you be interested in a site like this, or a place like this on an existing site?

I know there are sites like E-bay where you can sell anything and everything. (Over whelming, and not a target audience.) Or Etsy, which is a place to sell all handmade items.(mostly completed items here, although I have seen new fabric sold here,not sure about used items) There is also Buy-a-Quilt a site for selling and buying quilts and quilt tops. (again only completed items) And I am sure there are many others sites out there. (If you know of any other sites share them in your comments and I will post them here too.

I want to create a place where you have a targeted audience of all quilters/sewers so you know they are there because they want your stuff. A place where you can sell completed items along with the supplies or tools to complete them. Any item that is sewing or quilting related can be sold here. I will charge a nominal fee for listing it, and you get to keep your profits! You set the price, and handle the sale details in a way that you want to. (Paypal would be my preference as it is secure and easy to use and safe for both the seller and the buyer.)

That's it, that's my idea and now I need to know if you think it is a good one, and what other questions or concerns do you have regarding this idea? Would you use this if it were available to buy what you need or to sell what you don't need? Remember comments here will receive free 6.5 inch fabric squares (not sure how many yet, that will depend on the number of responses. I am thinking around at least six squares, maybe more)


Anonymous said...
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sue said...

Hi Chris,
I think this is a great idea and yes i would use Paypal(the best way)
I have never brought fabric from Ebay would you have sub topics eg: tools,books,fabric etc.that may be easyer to find what we would be looking for.
Yes i would use it to buy and sell.

sue said...
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Chris said...

Sue, I need you e-mail address so that I can contact you for your free fabric. Send you info to chris@quiltingweekly.com Thanks.

(This is my first giveaway, and I thought the e-mail address were visible to me. )

Audrey said...

Hi Chris,

You have a great idea and yes PAYPAL is the way to go.I have bought and sold things on e-bay but this I think will be better since sew/quilting would be the only items and the people using this will be sewers/quilters. I certainly would take part in the buying/selling. Go for it . Audrey

Blue & White Wear said...

Hi Chris,
I think it is a great idea. I use Paypal a lot.
I have bought some patterns for my mom on ebay - took a while to search through everything to find/buy what I wanted.
I am just getting back into quilting so I would be interested.

Anonymous said...

This sounds like a terrific idea, I have been recently buying fabric from ebay and this would be even better. Paypal would be the safest and fastest way to get your item in a timely manner. I would enjoy looking and using this site what a brilliant idea. Thank you, Marilyn

Anonymous said...

I think having a site on which only sewing type items were listed would be GREAT. I would check it out on a regular basis.
C in Maryland
hot_foote@ yahoo.com

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