Saturday, August 9, 2008

Baby quilt photos

Here are those photos I was promising you from the baby quilt. I finished it a couple of weeks back and just haven't had the time top post them. Take a look at the quilting on some of the close ups. (I think it looks pretty good for me) Free motion quilting is something that takes practice, and with each piece I do I get better and better.

This one shows the my pieced block which I designed. I call it my sailboat block. Because the corners look like little sailboats. What do you think?

Here is a close up of the signature panel. See how the stippling around the names makes them pop out.

This last one shows how you can practice free motion quilting using panels. You can practice outline quilting around the designs, and then do some stippling in the background.

And here is another example of free form quilting on another block from the panel.

This quilt was loads of fun to do. So much fun that I decided to teach you how to make one like this for you own. Just head over to Quilting Weekly (my online classroom website) And sign up. Registration opened this weekend. August 9, 2008. Registration for the site is free, and the full 2 month subscription to the class is only $37.50!

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