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This is a blog, right? I know it is about quilting, but if your reading my blog, chances are you too have a blog out there somewhere. So I thought you might enjoy this website as it has loads of useful information on writing blogs, copyrights, plagiarism, grammer, SEO, and so much more. The list is far to long to post here. You really need to visit CuteWrittings

Here are are words that describe the blog: Creative Writing Tips / Creative Writing Help / Creative Writing Blog / Writing Tips and Help / Writing Help Blog.

Just read this, excerpt from her home page:
About CuteWriting
Dear Reader,

Welcome to CuteWriting. This blog is meant to help all those aspirant writers and bloggers on the most important aspect of their job: their writing. Writing is an art that has permeated our life in every way possible. Almost 80 per cent of the world population feel that they can be creative writers. If you belong to them, CuteWriting will help you achieve your dream--to be a successful writer or professional blogger.

All the topics covered can be found in the categories tab and the archives tab contains direct link to all posts. You can alternatively use the search engine to find the appropriate topic. If you need any writing-related help, feel free to contact me. I occasionally post some off-niche posts on Blogging, SEO, Link Building, Money Making, and Web Technologies as well.

Lenin Nair

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