Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Charity projects for quilters

Do you have a favorite charity project your working on? In general quilters are very generous people. At least from my experience. You read about them donating quilts to all sorts of needy people. If you are a quilter I am sure you know what I am talking about.

This week we are discussing just projects you're involved in now, or in the past. Whether it is solo or with a guild, church group or quilting bee etc. If you want to give some recognition to your projects why not stop by and add to our discussion, it's free and maybe there are quilters who have quilts with no where to go, and may be willing to join your cause.

Quilter around the world come and tell your stories on our General Discussion Forum.

Last week we learned about hand needles. I started with a list of 14, and asked the girls to identify them, but to my surprise they not only found my list, but added several new ones as well. I believe we ended up with around 23 needles! There were some great links in this discussion as well, so after you read about the charity projects, you might want to read about hand needles. While your at it, check out all our discussions, there is plenty to learn about quilting and we have a new topic each week so be sure to bookmark the site so you don't miss out on any of our hot topics.

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Nann said...

Hello--the Heartstrings Quilt Project is an online group of quilters who use scraps for charity quilts. Check out

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