Thursday, September 25, 2008

Don't Slip Get a Grip!

Quilting rulers and rotary cutters are the best invention to ever hit the quilting world, wouldn’t you agree? But many of us still have issues using these tools. This tip is not on how to use a rotary cutter and ruler, but more about ways to prevent errors and injuries.

First of all errors can lead to wasted fabric, which leads to wasted money. And let’s face it in today’s economy we can not afford to waste. Secondly slips can send you to the hospital for stitches which not only is painful but costly as well. Follow these simple steps to avoiding injury, maintain control and insure accuracy.

  • Keep your ruler from slipping by adding rubber dots (sold at quilt stores and fabric shops near the rulers), felt pads (like you use for furniture) or small dots of sand paper to the bottom corners of the ruler. Another method would be to use the ClearGrip or Invisigrip like discussed on this quilters review page.

  • Protect your hands, and keep them out of harms way buy wear protective gloves. Like the Fons & Porter Klutz gloves.

  • When cutting lot’s of the same size piece or strip, mark the bottom of the ruler with Omigrid glow tape. Like seen here on Fabric Depot. This gives you a clear visual on the size and if you put more than one layer of tape on the ruler, you will create a ridge that helps line up the ruler with the edge of the fabric.

  • If your rotary cutter blade does not retract automatically, get in the habit of closing it after each and every cut! If you drop the cutter on a toe………or finger…………….need I say more?

  • I hope this helps keep you safe and accurate as you cut your next quilt.

    As always happy quilting to you!

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