Friday, October 17, 2008

Going going gone!

Yep, I started a selvage project and well now I need more selvages. I am now on the hunt at the fabric shop to get a collection going. I will also be asking my friends at our guild meeting too. I have so many selvage projects I want to make, and now I need more selvages!

I have even gone to JoAnn Fabrics and dug through the remnants piles (they were 50% last week). But how sad, that I have to pay money to get my fix now! Ha that's funny. I never thought buying fabric was bad, or made me feel guilty, but somehow that did.

Here are some pictures of my selvage work. I can not show too many as I am working on a class project for my website. More on that later.

Here was one layout I was trying:

Here is another:

And another:

Now there was one more layout I really liked and that was the one I choose for the class. But I am not going to show it just yet. The class should be ready in a week or so. So look the details here, or better yet sign up for my newsletter by filling out the from at the top of this page, and I will notify you of all our class releases.

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