Friday, October 10, 2008

Marathon sale on Quilting classes!

Four days only! One day for each hour Michelle takes to finish her marathon. 50% off all our home study courses. Don't miss out on this marathon sale!

Ok, let me back up a second. "What home study program, and who is Michelle and why do I care?" All good questions.

First of all Quilting weekly, as many of you know is an online classroom website that many of you have heard me talk about here. That is my primary business. Teaching you how to quilt through the use of the internet. It allows me to reach more people and share my knowledge and love of quilting without ever having to travel. I don't have to travel and neither do my students. The classroom is always open, and you are never alone when you have questions. We call this semi-live classes and I started this site with my first class opening up in June of 2007, and today we have close to 1300 members and growing. I guess it is catching on pretty quickly!

Well in addition to the semi-live classes we have bundled up each class after it's first run with the semi-live session into a down loadable version. We took the same class material as you would get with the semi-live version, including any forum posts at the time and packaged it all up into our "home study" version. And are now selling them for a lower price. Many quilters do not need the hand holding of their instructors or the support of other students to get through the class and for them this works better.

Now for the who is Michelle? Michelle is my partner and helps me market Quilting Weekly. Her husband Simon maintains all the technical stuff with the site. He keeps the site running smoothly and with out him I would be lost at times. I know quilting, and I know computers pretty well, but do not want the challenges of designing a site or maintaining it. I would rather be quilting!

Anyway back to Michelle. She has had a dream to run a marathon in her life time and I guess this is that time. This Sunday October 12th is her marathon day in Australia. Which is where she and Simon live. So it is the perfect time to release our home study courses to the world. We are going to offer these special classes through our Marathon Sale at a 50% off their already low price! But you have to hurry as we are only offering this discount for four days! One day for each hour it will take her to complete the Marathon.

Remember starting today October 9,2008 through October 12, 2008 you can get our Brand New Home study courses at 50% off! Go to the Marathon Sale page now! How about sharing this link with you quilting friends or posting it on your blog. (I would surely appreciate it). Quilting classes make great gifts and with the economy the way it is why not take advantage of these great prices while they last.

If you have any questions about this sale, home study program or our semi-live classes please leave me a message with your e-mail address and I will be happy to answer your questions.

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