Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Name that quilt block contest

Name that quilt block contest at Quilting Weekly could win you a free class!

Name that quilt block is a contest being held in the general discussion forum for a chance to win a free pass to a class of your choice. The pass will be good for a year, so you can pick from a class now, or later as there are always new classes being added.

How does the name that quilt block contest work? It is simple, you first need to register for the site, which is free. Once registration is complete go to the site and log in. Then click on the forum button, look for the general discussion forum and click on "name these blocks".

Each day (Monday through Friday, no blocks posted over the weekends) there will be 2 new blocks added with possible answers for a total of 20 blocks. Choose your answer and post it by replying to the message where the block is posted. And for bonus points choose the grid method used to create the blocks. Examples 4-patch, 9-patch etc. That's it!

There will be a random winner chosen from all who enter. And another winner will be chosen based on the most correct answers. Enter daily to increase your chances of winning. The contest runs from October 6th, through October 17th, with the winners chosen on October 20th.

Now go to Quilting Weekly and get in on the fun!

If you have a blog, feel free to copy and paste this information into your blog.

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Adam said...

The way to begin to Crazy Quilt is just to begin. So grab your fabric, a needle and thread, and start stitching right now.
There are no rules in Crazy Quilting, but there are a lot of things that can make it a little easier, especially when you are just beginning. Try starting with something small, say a six inch block. This can later be made into an eyeglass case, a small pillow, become part of a bag, or even a start for a wall hanging.


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