Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Quick quilted gift ideas

Need some quick quilted gift ideas for the holidays? Well who says you have to make a whole quilt for everyone? I mean that would be nice, but if you are like me you wait till the last minute and then panic! So I thought I would take some of your panic away by giving you some quick quilted gift ideas that won't break your budget. Budget of time or materials!

Here are just 20 ideas to get you started. Oh and if you need more ideas, or some help with patterns. Check out The UFO-Orphanage Quilters gift page.

  1. Pot holders – Made in holiday fabrics, or just use up your old orphan blocks

  2. Table runners

  3. Place mats

  4. Aprons – Use up novelty prints, or holiday fabrics

  5. Tote bags – There are many free patterns on the web for simple patterns. Just does a search “free tote bag patterns”

  6. Grocery Bags – Similar to the tote bags, but may be similar to make as they don’t need pockets

  7. Insulated lunch bags

  8. Oven mitts

  9. Napkins – In novelty prints or holiday prints. If you have a Serger it is even easier!

  10. Pillow toppers – These are similar to a table runner but are meant to dress up the bed and fit over your pillows only.

  11. Towels – If you have an embroidery machine, these are fun and simple. For those without embroidery you can do simple appliqué designs by fussy cutting designs from fabric and attach using your favorite appliqué method. Or simply buy decorative ribbons and attach them.

  12. Basket liners

  13. Casserole covers

  14. Cell phone holders

  15. Glass cases

  16. Sewing kits

  17. Thread catchers

  18. Pin cushions

  19. Pillows – Try out some photo transfer /printing techniques

  20. Wine bottle holders - You know the ones that gift wrap a bottle of wine to take to a party.

If you need more help with patterns that were not found on the UFO-Orphanage Quilters gift page, just do a search for "free ____ patterns" (fill in the blank line with the pattern you're looking for) Example: "free pin cushion patterns" If you use the quotes around your search it will narrow your search and get more specific. Without the quotes, you will get searches for free, pin, cushion, & patterns. Does that make sense?

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Happy Sewing!

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