Sunday, October 26, 2008

When things go wrong

I wish I knew more about the technical parts of my website. Frustrated today is an understatement. I know this site is dedicated to teaching, but it is also about my personal experiences too. Well this is one of those times when I need to just vent a little to move on. So I hope you will bare with me here for a brief venting moment.

I have a new class that I spent quite a bit of time on and was supposed to open it this past Saturday on Quilting Weekly. In fact I even posted on my twitter and other social networks comments about the new class opening. Karen Griska of the The Selvage blog posted a nice article advertising my opening for me too. (since this is a selvage project)! Now I have all this new traffic coming to the site, (which is great right?)but they can't register for the class due to some technical issues.

My technical person (also my partner)lives in Australia, which is a challenge most of the time anyway since I live in the USA. But now he is in bed for the past few days sick! Which means nothing can be done to fix this until he is well again. Now of course I am not angry at him for being ill. These things happen and he should be in bed getting rest. But if I knew more about the process of opening the class, then I could trouble shoot the problem better myself. Ans that is what is frustrating me. I did all I am supposed to do, but now my hands are tied until he is well enough to come back to work. This is what happens when you are a small business I guess.

I do have administrative rights on the site, and know how to put up my material, but when it comes to the things like setting up the registration pages, menu items and the forums I still need help. We are in the process of opening a new site soon, it is time to give Quilting Weekly a face lift! I hope that when that happens the software and technical parts of the site will be easier for me to learn so I can avoid problems like this in the future.

I just tried to register for the class, and it took me to another class! not just registration, but into the actual class material. (oh I probably shouldn't type that)now you know you can get free lessons. Yikes! Honor system here ladies, please to misuse that info.

I just feel bad about all those new customers who may get frustrated and never come back. I can only address those who contact me, which has been a very small percentage of what has come to the site.

Well now you know why I am frustrated and I thank you for listening. Now for what to do. Hmm I guess if you are reading this, and are having issues with my site, then I suggest you leave me a message or send me an e-mail so I can let you know when things are fixed.

By the way there is a form at the top of this page for adding your name to my mailing list, you can use it to leave me your info, comments or anything else you like. Those comments won't show on the site they come to my e-mail. If you want to leave comments for others to read, then just comment on any of my articles.

By the way, if you should visit my online classroom website, you can still register for the site, and take any of our other classes. Just not the new "Go Green with Selvages" class for now. I hope to have this resolved early next week so do check back. Thank you for your understanding.

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