Monday, November 17, 2008

Learn how to start a blog

Who knew I was such an expert! LOL

I have been asked to teach a class on how to start a blog. This will be a beginners class, and will be covering many of the features here on Blogger. Since my first blog was done here and I am the most familiar with this service it seemed like the place to start. I will be doing a series of these, which will expand into other blogging sites and social networking which will help get your blog noticed if you want it to.

Here is how it started:

I recently joined a yahoo group called "Learningfa" which is a group dedicated to teaching quilting to its members. Members volunteer to teach various classes from traditional quilting to more advanced techniques like thread painting. Shirley the groups owner, is the one who does the thread painting workshops and they are fantastic!

Any way I joined to expand my knowledge and meet other teachers, or quilters. Well it wasn't long before Shirley asked me to teach. At first I thought about a quilting class, (which is my expertise) but after answering a few questions on blogging for a member or two, Shirley (clever girl that she is)suggested I be the blogging mistress, and teach a class on how to start or work with a blog. Me? I said Well if you know me, I can't say no to many people especially if I think I can be helpful in some way.

Funny, how wanting to help others has gotten me into so much fun or is that trouble?

My love of quilting has lead me to blogging. Since I started blogging, and teaching quilting more and more opportunities are popping up. Like teaching blogging to quilters!

Follow your dream, and see where you go. I now have a pretty successful online quilting classroom website, two blogs and more contacts, friends, and teaching opportunities then I could have ever imagined. {{feeling so happy}}

By the way if you want to take this class there are a few restrictions and requirements you need to follow.
  1. You must be a quilter, or fiber artist to join the learningfa yahoo group. No exceptions
  2. you must join the group first and read the guide lines about membership and follow the rules on taking classes.
  3. If Shirley excepts you into her group, (and she decides)then you must sign up for the blogging 101 class following her rules, which are posted in the groups files
  4. And this is the important one, I can only take 100 sign ups, and as of today, there were 52 already! The class was just announced a few days ago, so it won't take long to get that 100! Don't wait if you do the sign ups will close and who knows when we will run it again.

So are you a Quilter? Do you want to expand your knowledge on blogging? Don't wait go now and get in before the door closes. By the way this group is full of great quilting information even if you don't want to learn about blogging.

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