Thursday, November 13, 2008

Get control over the Holidays

Holiday crazies getting you up tight? Not to worry. Just get organized!

Make a list of everything you need to to between now and the Holiday. Then prioritize the list in order of what might take the longest, or what needs to be done the earliest. Like decorating may need to be done before baking etc.

When it comes to those gifts you need to make in your sewing/crafting room. Get a list there too! Name and what your making. Estimate the time it will take to get it done, and then put the list in order with the item that takes the longest at the top.

If you can work on these items in other rooms of the house like the living room or kitchen do so. This is a good way to work on projects in between other daily tasks. Like set up an area near the kitchen so that when you are on the phone or cooking and have a few minutes you can get some knitting, crocheting or other small hand work done.

Set up an area in the living room or family room if it is possible so that when you watch t.v or if you have small children you need to supervise, you can also be crafting.

The key is to find ways to incorporate this into the day, so you don't need large blocks of time. Although some projects may require those larger blocks of time in the sewing room, (like quilting), So learn to fit that in too! You may need to ask for help around the house like get the husband to cook once a week, or if you have older children then have them help with the vacuuming or doing the dishes.

With a little planning, and a little organizing you will get it all done and still have time to enjoy the season!

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Threeundertwo said...

I have a hopelessly long list of things I want to make. So I'm really getting to work this week on gifts, so those are off my mind.

I invite you and your readers to link up and join me every Friday to show what you've finished. It's helping me kill off a few UFOs.

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