Saturday, January 17, 2009

Handquilting Tutorial

Hand quilting has never been my thing. I tried it in the beginning of my quilting days, and though wow this is so cool! Then I realized how slow it was. I made on bed quilt that was hand quilted on one of those plastic frames. The ones that look like PVC pipe. Any way it turned out pretty good for a first quilt.

Next came a wall hanging. Again this was done by what I now know as lap quilting, then I didn't have a hoop and wasn't sure I wanted to invest in one. After all I was starting to learn about machine quilting and how fast that was. That wall hanging is still waiting to be finished, 9 years now and counting.

The next project I decided to hand quilt was a lap quilt I made. It was one of those stack and whack type, I thought it was pretty special piecing work, and wanted to make it even more special by hand quilting it. And of course it is still waiting for me to finish, 8 years and counting.

So as you can see I am no expert on hand quilting, but I found someone who seems to have a pretty good grip on her skills. She wrote an easy to follow (and yes there are pictures too!)tutorial on "Perfecting your Hand Quilting" If you are needing some help, or want to learn this skill, I would highly recommend you visit her website and read this article.

When your done let me know what you think by leaving me a comment here.

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