Thursday, January 8, 2009

Eco- friendly quilting

Todays Online Quilting lesson

Image from: Keepsake Quilting

New year, new ideas! Eco-friendly quilting ideas that is. The above batting is made entirely of recycled plastic bottles. How cool is that? A king size batting uses up to 28 bottles! So go make a quilt and save the landfills at the same time.

Priced from $7.99 for a crib to $28.99 for a king size batting.

Here is another great site that explains more about Quilters Dream Green Batting.

To continue the Eco-friendly quilting, why not try organic cottons in your next quilt project. Learn about Organic Cotton from Live the Organic life website.

I know for years many quilters are doing their parts to help the environment by recycling fabric. Old shirts, pants bed sheets and more. Entire quilts made from leftover fabrics and fabric scraps is not uncommon. Recycling fabrics keeps them out of landfills, using every inch of a fabric including the selvage edges like shown on the Selvage quilts blog is another great way to help out.

Do your part and help make our world a better place. Recycle, re-use, or re-purpose items and feel good about quilting in 2009!

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