Saturday, February 21, 2009

Free Tote Bag Patterns

In today's world of recycle reuse, and less waste creating your own bags or storage containers is not uncommon. Most stores are now carrying and selling such bags. But we are sewers, and we have a fabric stash right? So why not make our own. I mean after all most of these patterns are simply quick, easy and if we get to choose our fabric then we are sure to enjoy the bag and be proud to carry it!

I too have been interested in bags, and have only made simple totes. I have bought books with patterns from the simple to the more complicated with pockets and zippers. But have not tackled them as yet. Why? mostly because of time. That elusive time that seems to slip away from me each and every day. There seems to be more and more to do every day, and every day I say today is the the day to start some sewing.

Well today is that day and I have found a site that will surely inspire you to get started making your own bags. This site has so many links to great patterns that you might just have to spend the entire day looking at them all to decide which one to make tomorrow! (But make at least one and see how easy they are and how much fun you will have) Bella Online is a great resource site that covers many topics, but this one is just about a "Bag Lady" and her obsession with bags. I think many of us can relate to her story, but more importantly you can take advantage of her great list of "bag Patterns". Go to Bella Online and check them out for yourself.

In addition to the above resource I have another link for you to check out as well. This article points you to a site with 35 reusable bag patterns! So check out Online Quilting, Free reusable shopping bag patterns as well.

One last tip, take a look at this great tote bag pattern called "Raking Leaves" that used selvages (you know those ends of the fabric which you typically throw away). This is not a free pattern, but it is certainly a reasonable one. I know that you will get plenty of help if you need it while you work on the pattern, so you are not just buying a pattern, you are getting personal private help should you need that. How do I know? I know because that is one of my patterns. Quilting Weekly is how I am trying to pay for my fabric habits. Worth checking out, no cost to look right?

Ok, after you spend the day looking at my pattern links, make your favorite bag then send me a photo! I would love to post it here for others to see. Or just leave me a comment letting me know which one you liked best. Take care and happy quilting!


Micki said...

I just found your blog and love the concept of it. I will be following it.
In Ireland

Chris said...

thank you Micki!

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