Friday, April 24, 2009

Quilting sites worth looking at

Here are a few quilting sites or articles that are worth looking at. (or at least in my opinion they are) Take a look and see what you think.

This first quilting site is also from one of my favorite blogs, and if you follow this blog you may have seen this post. Michelle has a great site which is full of quilting resources including a quilting blog list, quilt shop lists and more. If you have not seen her blog then I recommend you look today to see what a fart, pigs and wombat have in common! As a quilter you know you can use a fart right now, no really check out the Quilting Gallery and find why.

Next after you recover from your laughter on the Quilting Galleries blog article and want to get down to some real quilting, take a look at the great machine quilting on the "Oh Fransson" blog. If you ever wanted to learn machine quilting this tutorial just may get you started.

If you need further help, and like the idea of videos, and personal one on one help with machine quilting, head over to Quilting Weekly they have a great beginners, Machine Quilting 101 class worth looking at. This site also gives you 2 free classes just for registering on the site. Not bad, and if you don't want to purchase a class they still have lots to do there. One area worth looking at is the forum. Where you will see loads of great topics to read through, all quilting related of course. They run a weekly special there where one class a week in on sale for 50% off. And Registration is free, so why not get on their mailing list to see what classes are on sale or what else they are up to.

The new kid on the block. I just discovered a new site called You Can Quilt This, which has only been up for a few weeks according to the Lori whom I met on twitter. If you want to know more about the site you can contact her through her twitter account. This site has lots of wonderful patterns for sale, and all at reasonable prices I might add. Definitely worth a look.

This should keep you busy for a few days until I find more quilting sites worth looking at. The internet is loaded with great sites, I know (I think mine is one of them) Did you know that I have another blog Online Quilting? Between running my 2 blogs and website I have found that my posting here has slowed down a bit. I am sorry for that, but I assure you that when I do post I will make it worth reading. If you have enjoyed my writings why not leave me a comment and let me know your thoughts. I love to hear from my readers.

If your interested in learning quilting I suggest you also take the time to sign up for my news letter at quilting weekly and stay up to date with all the latest in quilting. (just fill in the form at the top of this page)

Until next time,
Happy Quilting

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Micki said...

Thanks for all of the info.I love your tutorials!

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