Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Free Fabric Postcard Class!

Fabric postcards are popping up in mailboxes all over the world. They are being swapped, collected and traded by quilters and fabric artists everywhere. And why not, they are like little fabric treasures that appeal to even non quilters/artists.

If your curiosity is peeked even just a little then you may be interested to know that you can learn to make your own treasures with just a sewing machine and some fabric scraps. )Although you may find yourself adding other goodies like ribbons, decorative threads, yarns buttons and any other items you find lying around your craft space.) Once you start you won't want to stop. And there are lots of places on the web to join Postcard swaps, (really just google "postcard swaps" and see what I mean)

But back to my headline, which said "Free Fabric Postcard Class". This is being offered at Quilting Weekly. At Quilting Weekly they are known for their easy to follow and very detailed tutorials which they offer on a variety of quilting projects. To get the free fabric postcard class you will need to register for the site (which is free) and by doing so, you will receive not one but 2 free classes! One is the Postcard tutorial and the other is for making a friendship star quilt block and pillow. There are 3 different methods taught for making the infamous half square triangle, a skill every quilter should learn. There is no further obligation to purchase other classes, although I would recommend you at least look at the class list. There is no harm in looking right?

They also offer a weekly special on select classes at 50% off, so joining the mailing list is highly recommended so you get all the details. (oh if you joined the site you are automatically added. But if you decide not to you can still get on the mailing list by filling out my form at the top of my blog)

Take care my quilting friends, and if there is something you like or dislike about my blog be sure to let me know by leaving me comments. I love to hear from my readers.


Micki said...

Thanks for telling us about the free tutorials!

Chris said...

My pleasure!

Thanks for visiting again.

Elizabeth said...

Dear quiltfriend,
I got your mailadres from www.quiltinggalery.com, and I have a question to you.
My sister is, after an exiting period, finaly pregnant of her first baby.
Now I would like to make a bright-colored quilt for her. To welcome the baby to this world
with a quilt from patches from all over the world. I try to collect scraps of 12x12 cm (5x5 inch).
Do you have a piece of fabric that may be suitable, perhaps you would sent it to me.
I would really like to use it!

Many thanks and warm greetings,
Elizabeth Kremer
Wedderweg 91
9665 JM Oude Pekela

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