Saturday, August 8, 2009

Quilt Blocks, What Can You Do with Them?

Quilt Blocks, What Can You Do with Them?
By: Chris Dahl of Quilting Weekly

Free block patterns, books about quilt blocks, classes on and off line, block swaps are just a few of the ways we quilters get caught up in the making of quilt blocks.

If you like to try new block patterns, but don't want to commit to making an entire quilt with each block what can you do? What are your choices for using up all these quilt blocks? Especially if they are of different sizes!

Here are just a few ideas to get you from quilt block to finished projects in no time at all!

  1. Create Placemats - use a block for the center and add other blocks to frame the center one

  2. Create table Runners - can use up several blocks, or just one or two with a large novelty print

  3. Create Wall hangings - one block with borders can be framed as wall art

  4. Create a tote bag, with one block on the front and one on the back

  5. Another option for tote bags - Use several blocks and piece together for a scrappy looking bag. These can be used as grocery bags if you make them larger

  6. Pillows

  7. Pot Holders or Trivets

  8. Add fusible to the back of the block, then re-cut into shapes for applique

  9. Make a sampler quilt - this can be with similar blocks, similar colors or a completely scrappy look with all different colors and blocks.

  10. Add as decoration to clothing by appliqueing or fusing them onto jackets, sweatshirts etc.

As you can see there are many possibilities for using up your quilt blocks. Don't let them pile up in a box or drawer get them out and put them to good use. Need a sampler quilt pattern idea? Try Block Beginnings from Quilting Weekly. This class not only provides you with a great sampler quilt pattern, but you actually learn how to draft your own quilt blocks by the end of class!


free indeed said...

Here's an idea that I use: I like to try new block techniques or color combos, I joined a block lotto group. Each month we are given a block pattern and what color they are to be. At the end of the month one or several winners are randomly picked depending on the number of blocks entered. Sometimes I win, most times I don't, but I've been able to use up scraps from the overflowing bins and contribute to SOMEONE'S quilt. Some haven't been to my taste, but I'm always glad to work out of the scrap basket.

Fiesta said...

great ideas.
also journal covers , scrap baskets, car pillows.

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