Saturday, January 16, 2010

Quilting Weekly gets a review

Looks like someone is peeking under our pages to see what we are all about.  The pages of Quilting Weekly that is.  I love reviews!  It gives me the opportunity to see what the general public really thinks about our site and classes, and it gives ideas on where I need to make changes.

In any business change is necessary to move forward and progress as a company.  You, our customers are the best source for ideas.  We are here because of you, and to serve your needs.  So now is your chance to share your ideas, thoughts and comments.

SewCalGal wants to hear from you.  She is doing research on our site and on machine quilting in particular.  She posted an article on her blog and needs input from members of Quilting Weekly or anyone who has taken classes with us (especially if you have taken Machine Quilting 101) to share some insights on your experiences.

Just visit SewCalGal and post your comments on her blog.  You will be doing us both a huge favor!  And who knows you could make a difference in how we handle future classes on the site.  There is no better time then now to make yourself heard.

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