Thursday, January 21, 2010

New BOM program and more!

Did you know that your January Quilting Weekly newsletter is up?  If you are a member you already know and have probably read the news.  But for those of you who still haven't signed up for our email list I suggest you get on board, all it takes is for you to fill in that little form at the top of this page.  Otherwise if you go to the website you will not be able to read the newsletters this is for members only.  By the way the site is free and so is the newsletter so give it a shot see what all the excitement is about.  You can always unsubscribe.  And besides once you register, you will receive 2 free lessons worth over $50.00!

So what is all the excitement this month? 
  • New Classes 
  • New BOM program
  • New Mystery Quilt program
  • New Teachers
All our teachers new and old are working hard to bring you new classes this month, the following ones are just about ready to release.  There is a Double Wedding Ring Quilt, a Landscape Picture Quilt, The Five & Dime Mystery Quilt, two BOM patterns and some of these are intended to release by  early February.  Get all the details in the newsletter along with some very useful web links to check out.

Did you know that you we have a professional long arm quilter who is now part of our teaching staff!  Caron Carlson is an award winning quilter and pattern designer.  (Just click on the photo and look at all those ribbons behind her!) I also know how talented she is from personal experience.  I have seen her quilts up close at our monthly guild meetings during show & tell.  Caron knows quilting!  And the best part is now you too can get that award winning finish to your quilts with her help.

Sending out a quilt to be quilted by someone else (especially through the mail ) can be a terrifying experience in it's self.  Now ad in, sending it to a person you've never met, or can not personally see her work in to the mix, this is even more frightening.  Imagine you spend all those hours cutting and piecing your masterpiece and then send it off to be quilted, not knowing what condition it will come back in.  Will she quilt it the way you want it? Is she any good? What is a fair price? Will I get it back? These are just a few of the questions one might ask before sending out a quilt.  You have to have a lot of faith in that person, and now you can!  What better way to find a professional quilter to finish your quilt than to get a personal referral? I know you can trust Caron, but if you are still concerned visit her website, Valley Quilt Studio  see her work first hand and then contact her with your questions.  She is more than willing to put your mind at ease.  And her prices are very reasonable.  

Oh, did I tell you she is designer and instructor for the  "Mystery of the Five and Dime" quilt?  The first clue is expected to be sent by March 1st.  I am hoping to have the sign ups for this fun  mystery project up on Quilting Weekly within the next week or two.  

In the meantime read what Caron says about this mystery quilt project:
 The Mystery of the Five and Dime - Love a good mystery? Especially when the "who dunnit" is YOU!  In this confident beginner lesson, we will learn to pick fabrics with contrast so you can shop with confidence.  I can not tell you all the wonderful things you will learn while making this cozy quilt in either lap or queen size, but I promise the end result will delight! I promise a twist or too in the plot.

If you've never had the chance to make a Mystery Quilt, here is your perfect opportunity!
AS I said earlier in this post, you can not register just yet, but as soon as you can I will let you know.  In the meantime I suggest you fill in the form at the top of this blog and get on our mailing list so you don't miss out on this fun and exciting project.  Remember registering for Quilting Weekly is free, and you get 2 free projects worth over $50.00!!

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Caron Carlson said...

Oh my gosh! Chris is so flattering that I think I want to take my own class!!! lol. If anyone has questions they are more than welcome to contact me through either Quilting Weekly, or Valley Quilt Studio. But, I won't reveal any secrets!!! And remember, only quilt on days that end in "Y"

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